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Small Funding A/B tests
domestic violence
packaged divorce
more happy users
small success
It has been a year
management by objective not for me
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2 page accademic paper
micro pair programming parking
other people's poverty
marathon dental work
matching funds
Life Support Tech Tip
party (good) downtime (bad)
<insert something clever here>
rant: stupid children
Parker 2007
Services for Paul Hansen
FYI CSL audit ZIP code sort
status: quo
finance fiduciary responsibility
goofy pile
on time for once
prodigal update
embrace failure and anxiety
new yearhelpW
better late than never.t
boomer grant funded for $20,000
simple and laughing at failure
Fransico franco still dead
drunken master
PARTY !!! planning utec monks festival IRS
coffee lunch irs spam utec
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We're People People Too
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About CSL

People: Our staff, benefactors, and volunteers and some of their accomplishments.

Board: Information for prospective board members.

Sponsors: Organizations that have provided us with cash, equipment, volunteers, training, manuals, heat, office space, or all of the above.

Motivation: Why we want to provide free services to non-profit organizations using free software.

We started as a group of Saturday volunteers working on developing the Lowell Community Technology Consortium's website in December of 1999. ( ) The original website was hosted by a commercial provider. We made a big leap when the computer science department at UMass Lowell allocated network bandwidth and office space to allow the server provided by LTC to connect directly to the Internet.

The Community Software Lab become an official distinct project of LTC in July of 2002 with a budget of $8,000.

In July of 2004 LTC spun the CSL off as a separate entity to pursue a compatible but separate mission less focused on media and more focused on improving organizational efficiency.

We became a 501c3 Tax exempt organization in August of 2006









warning This site is in archive mode, it hasn't been updated since 2010 See: front page