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Donating Money

The Community Software Lab is a non-profit corporation based in the state of Massachusetts. We are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax deductible. We will send you a hard copy letter and receipt for the IRS

PayPal handles our credit card processing. Your credit card is secure because it is handled by a secure server at PayPal

You do not need an account at PayPal.

After you click the donate button, the link for non-paypal credit card processing is not always obvious, but it is there.

Monthly Pledge

You may also commit to having paypal bill your paypal account or credit card monthly.

$10 per month
$19 per month
$40 per month
$50 per month
$59 per month
$100 per month
$124 per month
$150 per month
$200 per month


Checks may be mailed to:

Community Software Lab
P.O. Box 1418
Lowell, MA 01854

Financial Records

All our finances are on the web. You may be particularly interested in our checkbook registry.

We are particularly proud of the percentage of donnations by "alumni", people who in volunteered or worked with us for less than $15,000 per year and then donated cash after their time with us.

We want our work to be completely transparent, so if you have questions about our finances, please send an email to

Donor privacy policy

We will publicly recognize those donors who wish recognition. We will keep private, the names of donors who wish privacy.


With a budget of $5,000 to $45,000 per year, our finances are unaudited.

IRS form 990, return of organizations exempt from income tax

You can view our 990s , the form we file with the government. It includes such juicy bits as the highest paid employees making more than 45,000 per year.

Computer Donations

We've already got stack of 7-9 year old computers sitting in a closet. Our mission does not include storing more toxic waste.

If you had an extra P4 class computer, we might find a good home for it. Call or email if you are feeling generous about a not-so-old computer.