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Small Funding A/B tests
domestic violence
packaged divorce
more happy users
small success
It has been a year
management by objective not for me
not open jobs/ 10 year pre
2 page accademic paper
micro pair programming parking
other people's poverty
marathon dental work
matching funds
Life Support Tech Tip
party (good) downtime (bad)
<insert something clever here>
rant: stupid children
Parker 2007
Services for Paul Hansen
FYI CSL audit ZIP code sort
status: quo
finance fiduciary responsibility
goofy pile
on time for once
prodigal update
embrace failure and anxiety
new yearhelpW
better late than never.t
boomer grant funded for $20,000
simple and laughing at failure
Fransico franco still dead
drunken master
PARTY !!! planning utec monks festival IRS
coffee lunch irs spam utec
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We're People People Too
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Welcome to our fake blog

Your CSL faithful webmaster feels a bit guilty for not having real blog software with php exploits and comments and everything. However, I don't feel guilty enough to avoid being lazy.

Using wget to pull juicy bits from our listserv archive was easier than figuring out how to move our spiffy circa 2003 .css design into blog software.

However because the world has known since the 2001 Gilbert email manifesto that email is where it is at, we don't feel too badly.

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