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status: PARTY !!! planning utec monks festival IRS


 For now, "Alumni"  is defined as "anyone reading this message" and "any 
 special friend of anyone reading this message."
 We're having a Alumni reunion:
 	This Friday (Aug 04).
 	7pm @ the brewery [1]
 Rumor has it that April C and Chris S will be there.
 I'll probably leave the lab about 6:30, if anyone finds it easier to 
 find the lab than the brewery exchange   Lab is buying food. You are on 
 your own for Booze.
 To build a thirst for the reunion, we're having a planning meeting 
 Friday @ 2pm. Goals are:
 	1) Consensus on projects needed to serve 100 organizations.
 	2) Understanding and (ideally) consensus on budget.
 All are welcome.
 LUNCH (canceled)
 Lunch out was also scheduled on Friday, but that seems like a lot of 
 work for one day. We'll do lunch on a less busy day.
 Chuck McCallum was up for the folk festival. We didn't talk much at all. 
 While he had a few quirks that didn't match with my many quirks, in his 
 6 months with us he did a ***lot*** of good work.  I'm happy to see he 
 seems to be doing ok.
 Bargaining with Gregg is kinda fun, He makes these little coughing 
 sounds, clutches his chest, staggers around and cries out "You are 
 I think we did ok, The contract [2] pays us less than $10 an hour. 
 However we can collect a $100 fine if a UTEC person blows off a meeting 
 and require Gregg to turn off his cell phone.
 Manny [3] and Matt [4] have joined me[5] on perlmonks.[6]
 For the uninitiated, perlmonks employees a nice reputation system [7]
 to reward people for seeking and sharing Perl knowledge. A good 
 algorithm for avoiding being sucked in is to read the weekly best and 
 worst nodes and all time best and worst.
 For what it is worth, people who build some levels get my vote for doing 
 more coding. I'm going to spend more time on the monks and less on Slashdot.
 The IRS sent us a third request for additional information concerning 
 our application for non profit status. Unless I missed something, If we 
 do as we ask they'll give us 501c3 tax exempt status.
 I'd conservatively guess by the end of September, but I've been wrong 
 We've picked up some work updating the water festival's [8] website. 
 After a few years of Frontpage, it got pretty twisted. For example, the 
 previous maintainers didn't understand server side includes [9] so they 
 eliminated them. It's still ugly but it is better.
 I think it would have been quicker if we'd ignored Joel [10] and created 
 fresh, clean pages with the text of the old pages.
 Upside: On Monday, our (now) friends in physical plant called and 
 ***ASKED*** if it would be ok to turn the power off for a couple hours 
 on Wednesday and scheduled it for minimal disruption.
 Downside: Anyone want to get up @ 4:00am to keep me company, while I 
 turn off servers?