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status: simple and laughing at failure

Mon Oct 23 18:29:07 EDT 2006

 I'm working on a grant [1] that is due soon, so this message will be 
 overdue AND simple.
 Josh Bonnet is now working at sputnik systems.[2]
 These past few weeks, with VISTA recruiting and grant writing Melissa 
 Carino has had a hand up in the right spot several times and for that I 
 am grateful.
 Mary Kenny explored being a fund raising VISTA, but decided instead to 
 be a remote fund-raising volunteer.
 Gregg Croteau continues to inspire with his cheerful encouragement of 
 criticism. When Matt installed Mon, Gregg was supplanted as a server 
 monitoring service.
 For a short time Gregg seemed at a loss for 3:00am to 6:00am activity. 
 Now all is good. He's moved over to reporting subtler bugs like hotmail 
 putting our mail into their junk folder and our webmail not handling 
 more than 1000 messages in an folder.
 Felicia Sullivan is now ED of the organizer's collaborative [3]
 There are still three of us. We're still going. We're still getting 
 fitter. I know I wouldn't be going if I didn't know that there would be 
 encouragement waiting for me.
 Last Friday night, the main ldap server puked. Because of Matt's work 
 with Mon my cell phone beeped seconds after it went down. I called John 
 at the lab (flex-time is good).
 Because John had setup a backup ldap server we had no downtime. Because 
 john is John, he restored from backup and got the primary up quickly. We 
   were without ldap redundancy for only a short time.
 It sounds easy:
 	"Go to bed at a reasonable hour, don't feel like crap"
 ...but except for Kamala we're all still struggling with this. The gym 
 is helping me a good bit.
 Maybe it is part of the whole quantity vs quality thing. More/bigger 
 awake time, food, money, car, house, beer means less energy,fitness, 
 health, clean air, happiness, sanity.
 Paul forwarded a link [4] we've seen before on this list but it is good 
 and relevant enough to repeat.
 For those that can't stand the suspense of when the next status report 
 is coming, There are other cadre lists. cadre-config [5] is for sharing 
 info about configuration changes. You pretty much need to be Gregg or to 
 have root to be interested in this list. cadre-cvs [] is where changes 
 to configuration and software go. You probably need to think that 'diff 
 -u' is better than plain 'diff' to really groove on this list.
 A while back at Friday coffee, the talk turned to books that we might 
 read more than once. I couldn't think of one until John reminded me of 
 The Last Unicorn [8]
 Since I have less grey hair than men half my age, I think sometimes I am 
 In our spare time, we're jumping through the hoops that AOL, Hotmail, 
 yahoo, gmail impose on people who want to prove they are not spammers.
 Right now, if somebody with an AOL or hotmail account complains that our 
 mail is SPAM we'll get a copy, so we can remove them from a listserv or 
 speak a few words of gentle correction.
 I'm sure that this is a a big surprise but Hotmail has a complicated 
 procedure that only works with Internet explorer.