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finance status / fiduciary responsibility

Sat Jul 14 13:15:22 EDT 2007

Those of us with fiduciary responsibility  (the board) are probably most
 interested in our cash flow [1]
 Executive Summary: We're almost certainly good until at least December.
 As an aid to concentration, I've inserted a few errors. There are a few
 expenditures that violate our financial policies and one very optimistic
 revenue projection.
 The first board member to point out these errors wins a gold star. If
 you aren't on the board and you point them out, maybe you could be
 As far as the details, the checkbook register [2] is the best guide:
 In my small experience, management keeps payroll secret to:
 	Avoid the emotionally difficult task of
 	explaining to some people why they
 	have a low market value.
 	Keep communication in the market
 	poor, so people don't know their
 	market value.
 	Hid management's tendency to
 	abuse their power and over pay
 Given that transparency is our first financial principle. You might be
 curious about my [3] and John's payroll [4]
 I'm  pretty happy w/ my check. It is a bit more money than I made last
 year working for the CS Dept. I got to collect it all at once. Finally,
 according the global rich list [5], I'm in the top 13% of wage earners
 in the world.
 I'm also (relatively) happy with John's Check, He's not getting paid
 close to his market value and he has to buy his own health insurance.
 However he is making a living wage. Which for those of us who aren't
 married to Laura, is a prerequisite for sticking around. John sticking
 around is a prerequisite for mvhub to keep getting better.
 Of course all this transparency stuff might strike you as the moral
 equivalent of opening up the raincoat and showing the world your private
 bits. --I'm open to anyone that wants to rant on this subject.