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FYI CSL audit status

Tue Oct 9 08:41:45 EDT 2007

 Partly because I'm a glutton for punishment, partly because the pesky 
 grant applications ask for an "audited financial statement", I've been 
 asking around for prices on Audits.
 An accountant acquaintance from tells me he's 
 asked around and:
 	1) $5000 for an audit
 	2) $1500 for a compilation/review
 For an organization of $100,000, the former would be ok.
 Ironicly, I'll need to balance the checkbook to see if the later is 
 mathamatically within our reach. (It probably is).
 If we have the cash, we will probably await the counsel of the board in 
 the 11/15 meeting. to know if a document with an accounting firm's 
 stationary is of higher priority than 12 hours  of battery backup, a 
 trip to, a cash reserve or case of new bath salts for 
 the Lab Jacuzzi.
 Jericho Road is looking to recruit accounting volunteers and our board 
 nominating committee guided by our esteemed vice president has a line of 
 a finance professor who might serve on our board.