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This status message is about difficult choices, and the **People** who 
are now writing code. For pay, we have ($5,000) from Google 
matched ($5,000) by our (mostly) Lowell Massachusetts supporters. This 
is enough to pay (2) students a living wage.  Three other students, we 
can't afford to pay are volunteering.

Our crew is now:

Emaad Ahmed Manzoor:

Ferhat Elmas:

Jeff Bonhag
Roger Wieand

Sean Cronin:!/seancron

We're having a party.  Please come. It will be good, cheap fun for you 
and maybe some money for us to pay people a  living wage to do good work.


I'm taking a class on running a political campaigns. It is oriented to 
immigrants seeking political office, I'm not an immigrant and I'm not 
running for office, but I've been a worker bee  on immigrant and lefty 
political campaigns  including

I get to take the class because I'm an honorary immigrant I guess.  A 
recent session lead by some clear-headed lefties at MassImpact had a lot 
of useful information.

Some stuff I knew.

   -- Don't waste time trying to register people
    to vote if you are trying to get elected.

Repeated, painful experience is that people who aren't registered to 
vote, don't vote even when registered.  It is difficult enough for 
people have voted in the past to get out and vote.

Voter registration, mobilization and education is  a great thing, just 
not for a particular campaign for elective office.

Some stuff I believed, but doubted.

    ---It's ok to lose. It is even to ok to run a
       losing campaign.

Sometimes it is more important to surface an issue or make the 
connections that running for office makes than it is to win.  With 
choice voting lost at the polls. But... we 
contributed to a record voter turn out that threw some bums out of 
office and the effort got respect from Very Important People.

Other rules make complete sense for other people. For example the one on 
"Message Discipline":

   Pick a easy to understand message, address a concern of
   the voters.

   Repeat that message over and over and over and
   over. It doesn't matter if you are bored sick.

Choice Voting is a really fair system.  It gives people more choices. It 
is also really complicated. (see URL above) It took me 20 minutes of 
careful thought to understand it.  Most of what I did for the campaign 
was phone banking. Given 15 minutes on the phone I could get people to 
mostly understand. Most people didn't have 15 minutes.

The opposition message was easy:

   This is too complicated.  Don't vote for something
   you don't understand.

Much easier than other messages they could have picked:

   We live in the neighborhoods that are over-represented,
   so we like the current system.

   We don't want to give new people to the the country
   more power.

Hindsight is obvious, a campaign to change the rules so city councilors 
are elected by precinct would have been much easier to explain, would 
have had a greater chance of wining and would have done almost as much 
good as Choice Voting.

 From a "message discipline" point of view, this status message is 
potentially very bad.  It doesn't talk about any of the 137 changes 
we've made to our software this month.  A couple of our donors are much 
more 'righty" than 'lefty'.  Our testing (in the campaign class and 
talking to successful marketing and fund-raising people ) says that the 
message that works best for us is:

    1) Our software helps (local ? ) people

    2) Our training (& experience) helps people get good jobs

    3) Google gave us money.

btw, the ineffective messages that I use when I get bored and lose 
discipline are:

    • Free software [] re-distributes wealth without
      killing or robbing rich people.

    • In 10 years, robots will eliminate truck driving
      jobs, free software helps with that.

    • We want hacker values (transparency, meritocracy,
      generosity) to be values of the whole world.

On the other hand:

     $1,000 of the $5,000 we raised came from (2)
      people who like complicated important ideas.

      A big and growing number of our "followers",
      especially Facebook ones are now from outside
      Lowell MA and  the USA.  (no money from them

      4/5 of our summer coders are not from around
     here. We're having a very good summer of work.
     Money is an means to the end of code & training.
     Not an end in itself.


Long term this is all speculation unless we are able to test various 
messages effects on our goals. ( improve code, provide good training, 
make the world a transparent, generous meritocracy )

Short term, it is speculation unless people come to our party and talk 
about this stuff: