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Volunteering at CSL

We are a volunteer organization. We need more volunteers. However we are not the ideal volunteer niche for everyone.

Our primary goal is to create and administer useful software at low or zero cost. Improving volunteer skills is a happy side benefit. All of us are happy to grow. However, we have failed if all we've done is show 100 people how to list the contents of a directory.

It feels bad to turn people away. However, we have limited resources, particularly in the area of coordinating and planning. In other words we're not so smart ourselves. We need people we can toss a manual and say: "It would be really helpful if you can figure this out." (Although, we're actually pretty good about answering people's questions)

If you are interested in volunteering with us as a graphic designer, marketing person or noble doer of administrative chores, please email

If you are comfortable contributing directly to open source projects, and have limited time. Please see our contributing code page

If you are just starting out as a system administrator or software developer and have at least 6 hours per week, to dedicate for 12 weeks, please:

  1. Find us on launchpad and submit a merge request, adding your name to the CONTRIBUTORS file.
  2. Fill out the form below.

Submitting a merge request will be a challenge if you aren't good at figuring things out and have never used version control software. Apart from the Launchpad documenation our little getting started guide. may help. --Of course editing a single file doesn't require Linux or any of the skill that actually writing and running code does.

Currently, installing our software and setting up our development environment is needlessly painful. If you can submit a merge request with your name in the CONTRIBUTORS file, we'll give you an account on our development server, a desk and enough face-time to help you over the humps.

We recognize that this is a high, small hoop for some people to jump through. Sadly, if you can't handle this, you can't handle "real" software development. Also getting setup on Launchpad, will let you contribute to tens of thousands of open source projects.

phone id/username
days/hours during the week, you generally have free to meet your 6 hour weekly commitment. (should you make one)
link to resume (optional):

warning This site is in archive mode, it hasn't been updated since 2010 See: front page