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Tips To Identify Fake News Stories Before Sharing

Being able to receive information customized to meet your specific needs is an important aspect of modern-day society. How do we determine the authenticity of sources and which ones aren’t? Well, there was once the days when people relied on the newspaper for information, until the introduction of cable TV! Then things became more complicated streaming services provided us with an abundance of content than ever before, but all these new media also caused conspiracy theories about world leaders’ schemes or fake stories from sites intended to serve only as pumps. Nowadays you can find anything on the internet, even if it has absolutely no truth to it.

Why is it essential to know the difference between opinions and facts? As a researcher, learner and Bottom-Up translator, it’s your responsibility to evaluate every piece of information that comes in your path. It doesn’t really matter from who or where you receive this data. It’s important to know whether there’s a basis to care about its authenticity, provided that it’s presented clearly and without prejudice. If not, why should we care?

To be a more informed citizen, this article will attempt to look at the various factors that affect decisions. It’s important for you as an individual and future leader/citizens to be aware of not just what your choices may do but also their consequences on others around us.

It’s a “Black and White” kind of issue

It isn’t always easy to find the right way to get out of a tough situation. Sometimes, it’s best not to make any decisions. If the situation becomes more complicated later, we will regret them. Most people expect to hear a response immediately. But since it’s impossible to predict the future, you should examine each option individually. This will allow you to remain as objective and thorough as possible.

Opinion/Interpretation, Versus, Data

The method we consume news and information has been drastically altered in the past couple of decades. The ability to evaluate news reports has improved on their own, rather than being reliant on opinions. The problem is that there aren’t all of us with this degree of proficiency in the analysis of data. They could have a wrong interpretation or ignoring valid information entirely because you disagree with them! You should be careful about who you are listening to, since experts may have biases that may influence the conclusions that are drawn from certain pieces.


Interpretations can be hard to comprehend as they are often influenced by emotions. Before you accept someone’s view blindly ensure that you carefully look over all evidence and documentation before deciding to accept any information.

Keep an open mind, To Both Sides

Try to be open-minded, and take a sceptical view. It may be that you’re disoriented by the other argument as you would be. You might find that the person with more knowledge before arguing is less likely to engage engaging in lengthy discussions with each other. Every person has their own perspective and discussions don’t move quickly. Instead, do to be as clear as you can about what’s being discussed so you don’t lose your place at the end.

While it’s easy to complain about fake information as well as other content on the internet however, we need to take action. The more educated people are, the more they can make choices.

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