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Why Lightsabers Are Famous?

The lightsaber, which is among science fiction’s most iconic weapons can also be seen as a typical object used in Star Wars. The glowing blade is able to cut through any material and emits a cool hum as you move your toy version. The fascinating background behind these fantastic toys is interesting. They were designed to be used in film production and as toys for children wanting to fight like them at home.

There are a myriad of stories regarding the Lightsaber’s history. It’s been involved in many battles, and it’s ability to fight has increased over time as technology has improved. Although some details were available elsewhere, some aspects weren’t included in the official canon. This includes information about what colors lightsabers should be in accordance with their galaxy or planet of origin. The reason behind these absences could be related with the fact that Lucasfilm doesn’t want to have anything unbalanced in its universe, but there are still lots who are interested in every specific, so it’s up to me to handle the fans who want answers.

They were initially created by the Dark Side

The lightsabers we have come to know and love may be precursors to something even more formidable and powerful, force sabers were developed by “Force Hounds” who were part of the Infinite Empire. These crystals focused on dark energy were utilized by the Infinite Empire’s citizens for weapons prior to becoming what we now call “lightsaber” blades.

Because of their relationship with the Dark Side of The Force lots of people on the light side were wary of using them. The Force Saber’s connection was too strong. If they possess one of these weapons, they might turn into someone who fights against evil.

There’s more to them than swords

Though the standard lightsaber is typically shaped like a regular sword, it’s changed in a variety of ways. One variant is known as “lightship” that makes use of emitters that are positioned near the handle, instead of one large emitter at its tip to cut through any kind of material with pinpoint accuracy.

The First Lightsabers Required Battery Packs

The first lightsabers weren’t much different than the modern ones which we have in use nowadays. They had a weak battery pack that would overheat and emit hot wires, but it’s no surprise since the inception of this type of weapon in ancient times as well.

When the Sith developed a powerful power cell that could be connected to their lightsabers, they could again push lightsaber technology forward.

A Lightsaber can be able to cut through almost everything

A lightsaber can be capable of cutting through everything. However, like every tool or weapon , its potential victims especially those who oppose the user of these lightsabers are likely to try their best to avoid get cut by this amazing source of power for themselves.

With a range of materials available bounty hunters who specialize in Mandalorian iron can utilize any kind of shape and type. Cortosis is an example of a material that can short circuit lightsabers but it’s toxic for humans, so it’s refined into armor? Phrik might also be ineffective against blades of lightsabers but does nothing else about them, either way, you have to look it up.

Lightsabers provided a challenge amphibious races

Though there isn’t much to stop a lightsaber from being destroyed, water is one thing they need to be careful about. Even a few drops of rain won’t cause harm to the weapon since it will simply steam and sizzle when placed under its skin layer for too long prior to being immersed again in liquid form , this time more safely covering all indicators of destruction until next time.

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